Sleep Coaching


Can’t get to sleep? Can’t get back to sleep? Lost confidence in your sleep? Sleep troubles can be personally difficult and challenging. As a Certified Clinical Sleep Educator, Michael is available for professional sleep coaching sessions via cell call or Skype.

Much more than the usual “do’s and don’ts” for better sleep that you see in magazines, Michael’s approach is focused and personal and will leave you with a toolbox of strategies to implement right away (please read a few of his recent client testimonials).

Signing up for professional sleep coaching is simple:

1) Contact Michael to briefly describe your sleeping trouble and to provide a couple day/time options that work for you for a cell or Skype call (please indicate your time zone).

2) You will be contacted within 24 hours to set up your personal sleep coaching session.

3) End your ongoing struggle with sleep!

That’s it!

Coaching sessions are convenient, efficient, and highly effective.  You’ll have full access to Michael’s 30+ years of experience in clinical sleep health.  Usually one 60 min sleep coaching session is all that’s needed to get a plan to resolve your sleep issues.  If you have downloaded the Sleep On Cue smartphone app, Michael can also review any sleep training summary graphs you may have.  

So whether you’re trying to become more confident in your sleep, be awake less at night, or trying to get off sleeping pills (with guidance from your doctor), Michael can teach you how to Sleep On Cue!

Questions about sleep coaching and pricing?