What Is Sleep Q?

SleepQ is a smartphone app that provides an at-home way to do Intensive Sleep Retraining (ISR), a powerful laboratory-based sleep training procedure. ISR is an active way to learn to fall asleep and get back to sleep with more confidence, done through repeated short sleep trials. The SleepQ app is not a pill or gimmick that claims to put you to sleep, nor a sleep-tracking app that tells you what you probably already know – that you are sleeping poorly.

When Do I Use Sleep Q?

Because it is essential to be sleepy when you do sleep training, an hour or two at bedtime the night after any poor night of sleep works well. The original 24-hour method is highly effective and rapid, but it does require you to be off sleeping pills, and this requires approval from your doctor.

How Do I Use Sleep Q?

The SleepQ app reverses the negative conditioning caused by frequent difficulty getting to sleep or back to sleep. Detecting the start of sleep during repeated short sleep trials, the SleepQ app guides you from one sleep trial to the next according to auto-adjusting time intervals, which allow you to train at just the right intensity level. Sleep training improves your confidence in sleep!

Who Uses Sleep Q?

People with ongoing trouble falling or staying asleep, those who have lost confidence their sleep, those who feel they “never sleep”, and those who are trying to reduce or eliminate their dependency on sleeping medication. (Always ask your doctor about your sleep and your sleeping medications)

Where Do I Use Sleep Q?

Use the SleepQ app in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom. This means you can condition yourself to fall asleep easily in your own bed, not on your couch, in a guest room, or in a laboratory setting as done in the original ISR research.

Why The Sleep Q App?

Because you know sleep is important for your health. Because you want to be less dependent on sleeping medication or alcohol to sleep. Because you are looking for an effective, rapid, affordable way to regain confidence in your sleep! Learn to sleep on cue, with SleepQ!